Ascendancy and Eminence

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For a long period of time, the existence of the Square Mile as a defined political entity saw ascendancy and eminence divided between that domain and London Without. This is not currently the case, and ascendancy and eminence are calculated on a London-wide basis. This is to reflect IC developments - the long term absence of the Lord Mayor or his representative and the dwindling numbers of Invictus making their residence within the Square Mile saw the divisions blurred, and it is unclear whether the domain is seen as such a seperate entity any more.

Covenant Ascendancy

The strong ascendency of the Invictus has been seriously reduced by a number of absences and losses. The Ordo Dracul's constant challenge has now been matched by an equal challenge from the Carthian Movement. The sudden increase in the number of Carthians has seriously turned the tables of London. The Unaligned are now nearly non existent following a prolonged campaign by the Harpy and the Invictus. The Circle of the Crone were powerful for a short while, but then seemed to tear themselves apart with infighting and defections. The Lancea Sanctum remain barely represented, but their new Bishop seems determined to change things.

Clan Eminence

The high number of new arrivals and many departures has seen clan eminence turned on it's head. The Ventrue are now strongly ahead, closely followed by the Gangrel. The former 'main contenders' of the Mekhet and the Daeva have dropped far down the radar, while the Nosferatu remain almost unnoticed.

Ascendancy/Eminence information correct as of 15 December 2006

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